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Sophomore orientation: Prelicensure Students

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Progression & Continuation, Grading Scale

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My name is Janice Hawkins. I will work with you in the clinical setting in Nurs 331/Maternal Child Nursing, and Nurs 303/Fundamentals. In the post licensure BSN curriculum, I teach Nurs 401 and 403, Career Pathways Assessment and Nurs 490 Leadership and Management. I am looking forward to working with you as you progress through the ODU BSN degree requirements.

I want to provide you some general information about progression in nursing and the grading scale. These polices are described fully in the School of Nursing HANDBOOK found on the Nursing Home Page, www.odu.edu/nursson. Look on the left bar under Resources/Student as well as within the University's Undergraduate Catalog. You will want to make yourself thoroughly familiar with these policies.


Undergraduate students progress through the nursing major in a very specific order of courses; if you fail or withdraw from a course, you may find that you have to wait a semester or two to continue in the nursing major so that the missed course may be completed prior to moving on to the next set of courses. Nursing is a dynamic, practice discipline with each semester's courses building on knowledge and skills mastered in previous semesters. Attending part time, dropping out for a semester and other interruptions in the major are not generally allowed. This is not the time to significantly change you lifestyle (have a baby, elective surgery, etc) as laboratory and clinical attendance is mandatory and make-up opportunities are extremely rare! It is important to discuss any potential or actual change in your course progression with the Undergraduate Academic Advisor.


The grading scale for the School of Nursing is very specific; to pass a nursing course you must achieve an objective test average or 80% or better in a course (grade of C). Anything less than a grade of C constitutes course failure. Students who fail (or withdraw) must be readmitted to nursing; a student may only be readmitted once! So, if you fail a course in the sophomore year (semesters 1 or 2) and are readmitted and then fail another course (even in your senior final semester) - you are done! We will invite you to find another major at ODU, or find another nursing program some where else.

Our policies are not intended to be punitive, but to prepare you for the NCLEX-RN exam (to become licensed as a registered nurse) and to protect your patients by assuring that you have the knowledge and skills to provide safe, competent nursing care.