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Center for Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Clinical Research


The Center for Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Research focuses on the development, funding, and dissemination of research and scholarly projects.  Mentorship, teamwork, and a strong clinical base are the foundation of the Center.

The Center is dedicated to evidence-based research that focuses on vulnerable populations, health-care disparities, and the role of the APN in addressing healthcare needs.  The Center is committed to developing collaborative relationships with other disciplines, community sites, institutions and clinical facilities in order to address the patient and population needs.  

The Center provides mentorship for Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students as they pursue research studies related to their Capstone Projects. The DNP program is an on-line program that allows students from all areas of the country to pursue their doctorate.  This enables students that work and live in rural and underserved areas to conduct research that impacts the needs of the populations they serve.


External Grants (Center faculty since 2005)

Rutledge C, Garzon L, Tufts KA, & Karlowicz K. (2008-2011). [$764,686]. Educating Culturally 
                  Competent Nurses Educators/Administrators
. Department of Health and Human Services 
                  Advanced Practice  Nursing Program.

Garzon L. (2007). [$14,233]. Nurse Anesthesia Traineeship, HRSA, BHPr,

Garzon L. (2007). [$62,524]. Advanced Nurse Education Traineeships, HRSA, BHPr

Bluestein D & Rutledge C. (2007). [$26,828]. Attitudes of Family Practice Patients toward 
                  Behavioral Treatments for Insomnia.
The Joint AAFT/F-AAFP Grants Awards Program.

Garzon L, Rutledge CM & Maihafer M. (2004-2005). [$3,000]. Standardized Patient Cases:  Used in 
                  Televised and Web Courses.
Faculty Innovator Grants.

Garzon L. (2006). [$9,233]. Nurse Anesthesia Traineeship, HRSA, BHPr.

Garzon L & Rutledge CM. (2003-2006). [$533,029]. Educating Culturally Competent Nurse 
                  Practitioners in Rural Virginia
. HRSA Advanced Education Nursing Program Grant.
                  Department of Health and Human Services.

Rutledge C & Garzon L. (2004-2005). [$24,948]. Clinical Experiences in Federally Funded 
                  Community Health Centers.
 HRSA.  Department of Health and Human Services.

Rutledge CM, Garzon L, Benjamin R, Little C & Plichta S. (2004-2007). [$578,130]. Educating 
                  Culturally Competent Nurse Midwives in Rural Virginia
. HRSA Advanced Education
                   Nursing Program. Department of Health and Human Services.

Garzon L. (2005). [$78,524]. Advanced Nurse Education Traineeships, HRSA, BHPr.

Garzon L. (2005). [$9,233]. Nurse Anesthesia Traineeship, HRSA, BHPr.

Pending Grants

Garzon L, Rutledge C, Renaud M, Scott M. (2010-2013). [$792,772]. Addressing Disparities 
                  with DNPs prepared in Telehealth
. Department of Health and Human Services Advanced
                   Practice Nursing Program.

Publications (Center faculty since 2005)

Rutledge CM,  Rimer D. (In press).  Goth Culture.  In Levesque R. Encyclopedia of Adolescence. 
                  New York:  Springer Publishing Company.

Bluestein DA, Rutledge CM, Healey A. (2010).  Psychosocial Correlates of Insomnia Severity in
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Care: Inquiry, Action, and Innovation (2nd Edition).  New York:  Springer Publishing

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(3), 359-369.

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Recent Activities

ODU SON Faculty and students attended the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners (VCNP) Annual Conference in March 2010.  Over 430 nurse practitioners attended this annual conference in Reston, Virginia.  Two graduate faculty and twelve DNP students participated in the conference's poster presentation.  All of the DNP student posters focused on evaluating program to address the health of vulnerable and underserved populations.

This year the conference recognized outstanding posters from the thirty one posters that were submitted.  Christie Fowler and Sherri Doss, both DNP students from ODU, received 2nd and 3rd place (tied) recognition for their posters.  Their posters focused on the Capstone Projects they developed in the DNP program.  Christi Fowler's poster was based on her study of the quality of life of caregivers of elderly individuals with and without primary care providers.  Sherrie Doss evaluated the impact of a training program to help patients with urinary incontinence. 

Pictures below include Christi Fowler (Second Place)and Sherrie Doss (tied for third place).

                     Christi Fowler                                                 Sherrie Doss
   Caregiver Quality of Life and Access to               Reduction of Urinary Symptoms in
               Primary Care Provider                                  Women Age 65 and Older

Upcoming Events

Five Center faculty (Drs. Carolyn Rutledge, Laurel Garzon, Michelle Renaud, Micah Scott and Kathleen Putnam) will be participating in the 36th annual National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) Conference in Washington DC in April 2010. They will be presenting a symposium entitled, "Addressing the Health Care Crisis with an Innovative DNP Program".