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On behalf of the graduate faculty and staff, we are happy to welcome you to the Graduate School of Nursing website at Old Dominion University. 

Our faculty makes teaching you our number one priority by enabling you to achieve success. We are determined to educate a new generation of visionary nurse leaders and providers that will meet the needs of tomorrow. Each program is designed to prepare graduate students with expertise in theory, research, and advanced nursing practice with a curriculum that is multidisciplinary. Through our academic courses and clinical experiences, graduate students are prepared to meet the nationwide demand for nurses in advanced practice as well as to pursue doctoral study.

Because many of our graduate students complete our programs through distance learning and typically do not complete the University's formal graduate orientation, we have developed a Virtual Orientation page through our Graduate Nursing Student Association site.

We are excited that you are considering ODU as a place to continue your learning career.  We hope that you will find our programs to be enlightening, inspiring, and rewarding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GPD for your area.  We offer you our best wishes and support as you begin your journey through your graduate studies!

Graduate Program Directors, School of Nursing

Dr. Carolyn Rutledge, GPD DNP Advanced Practice and MSN Nurse Administrator, Co-GDP Nurse Executive
Dr. Michelle Renaud, Lead GDP Nurse Executive and C0-GDP MSN Nurse Adminstrator
Dr. Kim Curry-Lourenco, Educator GPD
Dr. Micah Scott, FNP GPD
Dr. Kathleen Putnam, WHNP/MW GPD
Dr. Nathaniel Apatov, Anesthesia GPD
Ms. Karen H. Gillikin, Anesthesia Assistant GPD

Graduate Program Contacts

Coordinator Graduate Student Services:  Ms. Sue Parker


Graduate Office Location:

4608 Hampton Blvd
3009 Health Sciences Bldg
Norfolk, VA 23529