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Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science

BSMT Weekend College Program

Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science

Graduates of a formal laboratory technician training program who are currently employed in a full service clinical laboratory.

General Education & Program Prerequisites



 ENGL Composition I*  3
 ENGL Composition II*   3
 Fine Arts*  3
 Foreign Language**   0-6
 History*    3
 Social Science*  3
 Information Literacy and Research*  3
 Literature*  3
 Biology 115N  4
 Anatomy & Physiology  3-8
 General Chemistry I and II  8
 Organic Chemistry  5
 Statistics   3

Program of Study

The delivery formats for the medical technology courses includes television, video streaming, and web based. The televised courses are offered on alternating Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at various TELETECHNET sites.

The general education courses, prerequisite science courses, and remaining courses necessary for the degree can be completed via TELETECHNET or at local community colleges.

All students in the BSMT Weekend College Program must complete the clinical component of the program which requires students to demonstrate competence in the following areas of the clinical laboratory:

  • Hematology/Coagulation
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunohematology   

Recommended Degree Plan


 MEDT 311  Hematology     3
 MEDT 324 Clinical Instr. & Elec.  3


 MEDT 326   Immunohematology     3
 MEDT 315 Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis  3
 MEDT 340 Parasitology/Mycol/Virology(w)  1
 MEDT 441  Hematology Competency   1


 MEDT 309 Medical Bacteriology(w)  3
 MEDT 350 Urinalysis/Body Fluids(w)
 MEDT 351 Clinical Biochemistry(w)  3
 MEDT 444 Immunohematology Comp.  1


 MEDT 403W Mgmt in the Clinical Setting  3
 MEDT 440 Statistical App/Data Analysis  3
 MEDT 442 Microbiology Competency  1
 MEDT 443 Clinical Chemistry Competency   1


 MEDT 445   Advanced Clinical Practicum   3
 MEDT 457 Medical Technology Seminar 
 PHIL 345*     3
 Impact of Technology*      3

*   Choose from the list of approved general education courses.
**  The foreign language requirement may be met with
     three years of a foreign language in high school or
     two years of two different foreign languages in high school.
(w) Web-based course

Please visit the Program web page at:

For consultation and evaluation of credentials contact:
Rebecca Warren, MT (ASCP) MDE
Adjunct Professor and Advisor for the MLS Weekend Program