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Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program

To attract highly qualified undergraduate students into master's program, the School implemented the new BS to MS Accelerated Program. Since historically both these programs shared 400/500 level course offerings, the new program allows students to "accelerate" through the baccalaureate to the master's program using a common 12 hour graduate credit core toward each degree. The end result is that students can complete the master's degree while investing less time and money.

To be eligible to enroll in graduate courses, students must have a 3.2 grade point average, senior standing, and permission of your Program Advisor. Forms may be obtained from the Main School Office or your advisor.

Persons interested in the BS to MS Accelerated Program can contact

Ms. Sharon Stull
Chief Departmental Advisor, School of Dental Hygiene
Office phone: (757) 683-5235
Room: 2011 Health Sciences Building
e-mail:  sstull@odu.edu