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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the dental hygiene program?
The dental hygiene program includes two years of prerequisite and general education courses followed by two years of dental hygiene course work.

What degree would I receive after four years?
You would receive a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

What is the advantage of getting a bachelor's degree over a 2-year program?
A baccalaureate degree prepares the dental hygientist to assume roles in many different health care environments treating diverse populations, such as general and specialty practices, public schools, community settings, health products industry, insurance companies, acute and extended care facilities, federal and state run dental clinics, and dental hygiene educational programs. The bachelor's degree provides advanced knowledge and practice both in general university courses as well as in dental hygiene theory, research methodology and teaching strategies.

Can I take the first two years at a community college?
Yes, the first two years can be taken at a community college as long as the student is able to obtain the specific courses needed for dental hygiene, i.e., nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, microbiology, psychology, and sociology, to mention a few.

How do I know if Old Dominion University will accept my course credits from another school?
Course credits from any accredited institution of higher learning are transferable if a grade of "C" or better is attained. To determine if there is a match with the required courses for the Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, the student needs to submit an official transcript with a University Application to the Office of Admissions for an evaluation of the course.

Is my college course work from 20 years ago still acceptable?
Yes, this course work is accepted by the University; however, because you are responsible for information on the National Dental Hygiene Board Examination, we recommend that you retake courses to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the topic areas covered on the National Exam. 

What is the total number of hours for the dental hygiene program?
The B.S. Degree in Dental Hygiene requires 120 credit hours. 

How do I apply for the program?
Interested persons need to complete applications to BOTH the University and the School of Dental Hygiene. Applications to the University are available from the Office of Admissions and applications to dental hygiene are available from the School of Dental Hygiene.

Can I go part-time?
No, the dental hygiene portion of the B.S. degree is a full-time program of study for two years.

How many hours a day is the program?
While the hours each day may vary, generally the courses run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There are some evening courses in the senior year (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) and classes will begin later in the day on those days. 

I graduated from an accredited dental assisting program. Are there any advanced placement options available for me? 
Yes, if you graduated within the last 5 years you are eligible for exemption from the Dental Materials and Oral Radiology courses.

What does the program cost?
Please visit the financial aid website for further information.