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Master of Science-Community Health-Environmental Health

Certificate in Occupational Safety

The certificate program in occupational safety is designed to prepare students to meet safety standards and guidelines in such areas as business, education and industry with the goal of managing operations to minimize financial losses resulting from accidents, health claims, legal actions and property damage. It is especially attractive to students in majors such as engineering, occupational and technical studies and business who may reasonably anticipate assignment of safety as an additional duty, or to individuals already employed in the occupational health and safety field. Course taken for the Certificate may also be used to qualify for safety positions, enhance the qualifications of Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) candidates, and provide maintenance points for professionals holding the CSP or CIH certifications. Courses in the certificate program may be taken through degree or non-degree programs, and may be applied to degree requirements at the graduate level in environmental health. For completion of the graduate certificate program students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 in all courses taken toward the certificate. After successful completion of the program, a Certificate in Occupational Safety will be awarded.
A total of 15-16 semester hours are required, comprised of three core courses and six to seven hours of electives. All courses, with the exception of the lab course, are provided as distance learning, either as televised or web-based courses. There are no prerequisites.

Core courses

ENVH 506 Principles of Occupational Safety and Health
ENVH 507 Occupational Safety Standards, Laws and Regulations
ENVH 525 Occupational Safety and Health Program Management

Select two of the following electives

ENVH 501 Occupational Health
ENVH 526 Physical Hazards and Their Control
ENVH 540 Principles of Ergonomics
ENVH 541 Industrial Hygiene
ENVH 542 Sampling and Analysis Laboratory
ENVH 546 Physical Hazards Laboratory